October 4, 2015

Heaven or Paradise

No one gets into Heaven or Paradise with blood on their hands.

Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings, Queens and, rulers and leaders of any kind who have sent men and women to die for their cause or ideology.

Don’t get into Heaven or Paradise.

Police, soldiers or freedom fighters of any kind that kill for, God and country or glory and ideology, or kill someone in the line of duty.

Don’t get into Heaven or Paradise.

Suicide bombers, or anyone who commits suicide for any reason.

Don’t get into Heaven or Paradise.

Religious leaders responsible for the death of others because of ideology, incompetence and or inaction.

Don’t get into Heaven or Paradise.

Politicians whose policies and ideologies, greed, incompetence and or inaction, that are responsible for people’s death.

Don’t get into Heaven or Paradise.

Doctors or nurses that are responsible for the death of a patient, due to incompetence, neglect or by accident, including late stage abortions.

Don’t get into Heaven or Paradise.

People responsible for an accident of any kind that causes death of another.

Don’t get into Heaven or Paradise.

Anyone responsible for the murder of another or themselves.

Doesn’t get into Heaven or Paradise.


You get the Idea.

But the question is: how do I know this?

The hint to that question is in what you just read above.

Can you figure it out?

August 30, 2015

Those Above All Others

There are those out there in the higher-ups, that may feel like they have it all figured out. They’ve made their dark deals and turned a blind eye, thinking that it will all be worth it in the end.

However, you’ve been given what you want to placate you.

If you think for one moment you’ve been given something that doesn’t have a kill switch. Then you have sadly underestimated your supposed benefactor.

The kill switch is in the elegantly incorporated into the design itself. Even your benefactors own tech, has this.

The difference is, they know how to use the kill switch and, you don’t.

I didn’t create this post to somehow expose what’s going on behind closed doors, most people reading this will have no idea what I’m talking about anyways.

This is a warning, so maybe you’ll get some of your best minds working on problem, not on defense because there is no defense.

However, if you new how to use the kill switch as well ?

The impression I have is, that it involves moving something important in the system, elsewhere.

Good Luck.

September 18, 2013

The Alien Agenda

Now, I have something to say, that you may find surprising.

I have a bit of a pet peeve, when it comes to the term extraterrestrial when describing our visitors.

I have been part of the whole UFO phenomenon in a personal way. I have kept a close study on the subject all my life, and in my life, no one has ever given me enough proof, including within my own experiences that we’re dealing with extraterrestrials. Now in saying that, I cannot come up with any better explanation either; I just think we should keep an open mind, until we have definitive proof, one way or another.

The other statement, I here argued over when it comes to the subject is, “if Aliens are real, why haven’t they landed on the White House lawn and say, take me to your leader!”

The reason a UFO has not landed on the White House lawn with aliens announcing themselves to the world, is that we’re not ripe for the picking yet. There not here as our friends, they want something they think we can give them. They keep abducting us, sampling us, and experimenting with us because they’re looking for the signs there crop is ready for harvesting.

(modified excerpts from the Prophecies of Gorric – Part 2, see Side Bar)

December 17, 2012

A Letter to President Obama.

I’m a Canadian.

I some time struggle, trying to figure out the insanity, in the U.S.A.


The only country in the world that idolizes guns.
In America, there is more death at the barrel of a gun, then all the peaceful nations of the world, combined.
What a sad reputation to have.

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

Really!, you had me fooled. o_O

That argument might work for some Americans, however the rest of the world thinks that’s F’n insane.

Bullets in guns kill people, when they get shot by people with guns.

So, here’s what I think.

You have the rights to bear arms, the law doesn’t say, it has to be cheap.
You have the rights to bear arms, the law doesn’t say, it has to be easy.
You have the rights to bear arms, the law doesn’t say, it includes the bullets.

Keep you guns!

Regulate the sale of bullets.

A bullet tax.

Make it so, it’s so expensive for the general public, to buy guns and bullets, that it makes people think twice about their need for a gun. Say, twenty dollars a bullet, collect it all as taxes, that will go to help victims of violence and regulating the sale of bullets or, anything else that might make sense.

Make it so, you can’t buy bullets without a license and, can prove that the gun your buying the bullets for is legal and, is register to you.

Make it so, you can only buy bullets in a registered bullet shop. Like the way you can only buy liquor in a Liquor store, in most places in Canada. No more, K-mart bullets sales or, anywhere else for that matter.

Make it so, that all laws pertaining to guns, penalties are tough and enforced!

Make it so, that the fines and jail time, are extreme.

Now I can go on, trying to point out things that may help out but, what’s the point, I’m Canadian, It’s not my problem.

Besides, I don’t think anything’s going to change.
I’m not sure there’s a cure, for your countries insanity!

Here’s a few stats, as a parting shot. O_O

Canada Firearm homicides, 2010: 170.
America Firearm homicides, 2010: 8,775.

Can hardly what for the 2011 stats to come out.

Oh, just so you know, we have guns in this country!
Firearms registered in Canada (as of September 2011): 7,865,994.
Mostly long guns for hunting.

However, you won’t find a Bushmaster .223 semi-automatic rifle in this country, used for hunting.

Just for the record, hand guns are a restricted weapon, in Canada.

Cheers ;)


December 7, 2012

A View From a Distance.

I’ve been quietly watching the ebb and flow of the Human race for years now and , I noticed how recently, in the last few years, the tension in the world seems to have ratcheted up.

It’s like water coming to a boil. It starts out cool and calm, like the end of the cold war, then the water begins to simmer as the war on terrorism begins, and the ice in the polar regions melt faster then predicted as, Japan’s nuclear fallout spreads into the Earth’s atmosphere.

When the water  begins to bubble and seethe, financial markets start collapsing under their own weight everywhere in the world, as the oceans slowly rise, and the storms become larger and more ferocious, the Arab spring breaks out and, regimes dye and, Americans get ready to dive off the fiscal cliff.

And, then the water begins to boil.

Now that’s a crude bit off imagery and, the synchronicity is not perfect, the list of events, far from complete.

However, the impression is very real, things are becoming unsustainable on many fronts, something has got to give, it’s inevitable.

With the perceived under currents, of how lots of people felt about the end of 2012, I can’t help think, that perhaps, the future of the Human race, is going to be a delicate balance going forward.

I can’ help thinking,  something is going to happen,  soon.

March 2, 2008

Rehashing NAFTA

Recently Canada was informed that any talk of opting out of NAFTA that we’d been hearing in the US media, with American politics, was just political rhetoric, and that Canadians had nothing to worry about.


I’m disappointed.

I hate NAFTA in its present form; I was against it right from the start. I even tried to warn anyone that would listen, on what would happen when a country with a high valued dollar, like the US or Canada, set up Free Trade with a country with a low valued dollar, like Mexico.

To me NAFTA was an act of stupidity, there is a right way of doing Free Trade and a wrong way, and NAFTA represents the wrong way.

Instead of setting up a North American Free Trade zone, we should have set up Free Trade zones with countries that had similar dollar values. That way we would have been exporting trade, instead of exporting jobs.

We could have different Free Trade zones based on dollar values.

Therefore, countries with a dollar values like Mexico, would have been one Free Trade zone. Canada, the US, and a few other countries of the like, another zone, and so on.

Trade between Free Trade zones would be based on fair trade policies.

When a poorer Free Trade zone’s dollar value reaches a point where it could be harmonized with another Free Trade zone, then both Free Trade zones can be combined into a large Free Trade zone. The harmonization of dollar values between Free Trade zones would eventually combine into a global Free Trade market.

The richer Free Trade zones would have an opportunity to help the poorer Free Trade zones achieve this harmonization of dollar values as well, with proper fair trade policies.

I believe in globalization. It’s just doing it stupidly that bothers me.

How is it smart, for companies to move their business out of their home countries like the US and Canada in the pursuit of cheap labor, if it erodes the buying power of the consumers they had expected to buy their products?

These companies should be shown the errors of their ways. If it were up to me, I’d hit them in the pocket book so hard, they’d come running home.

Greed can really make you stupid and shortsighted I guess.

If it were up to me, I would change it.

Therefore, it is up to us.

July 21, 2007

Some of My Predictions for 2008

I predict that Bush\Cheney and the rest of the Neo Cons they represent will try to perpetrate another false flag operation like 911 on U.S. soil before the 2008 elections. The purpose of the next false flag attack, is to give Bush\Cheney a good security reason for canceling the next elections. I cannot see them pulling an expensive stunt like 911 with out some type of follow up; they have invested too much into their hidden agenda to give it up now.

The single mindedness of Bush\Cheney regardless of any criticism they receive, to me is very telling, they do not care and do not seem to be worried about anything except their Neo Cons agenda, even if that includes, alienating themselves from their own party.


I think Bush\Cheney, know exactly what’s coming, and as far as they are concerned, everyone else can be damned, because they’re following a preconceived plan, and  I think it’s a plan they have been working towards long before 2000.

I see two scenarios playing out here. The first one could be; during a gathering of the entire House and the Senate under one roof, the Neo Cons attempt to kill both houses with some spectacular attack, blaming it on terrorist, and probably Iran, scaring the public into complete submission. With the government in ruins, Bush\Cheney could easily begin a dictatorship, and there would be nobody that could really stop them.

One indicator of an impending attack like the one I just mentioned would be who wasn’t showing up for the gathering of both houses. For example, if the place of this meeting was filling up with both houses and someone noticed that every Neo Con was missing, and maybe some announcements were made about Bush\Cheney, being delayed in arriving.

That would be a benchmark to watch out for.Even with that type of heads up I just mentioned, it would probably be too late to save anyone. Just like 911, when the Neo Cons monitoring their operations, heard the call from a firefighter, who had made it up to the fires from the plane crash. The fireman had called in saying, that they could knock down the fires with a couple of hoses, the Neo Cons new they didn’t have any more time to let people get out of the buildings, and we know what happened then.

A second scenario could be; that the Neo Cons could use some type of tactical nukes in a few cities. While the fear factor would be great in a scenario like that, the results would be messy, and the price of rebuilding the destroyed infrastructures would be great. However, even that being said, I’ve heard hints, that there are different types of nukes out there that could be used, some that generate very little radiation or have a short radiation life, so who knows.

The results would still be the same in many respects. Some spectacular attack, blame it on terrorist, and probably Iran, scaring the public into complete submission. Then Bush\Cheney could cancel the elections based on security easily beginning a dictatorship, with nothing to stop them.

Now there is a possibility that in the first scenario that I gave, of it happening after the elections, but before a newly elected president could take power.

Today’s Date: Saturday July 21, 2007 .


I originally posted this prediction in July 2007, with the idea that posting this prediction meant it would be less likely that this prediction if published and made public, would ever come true, that was my goal.I’m not worried about any negative criticisms of me, if my prediction doesn’t come true, my prediction not coming true is what I’m hoping for.However, I am still concerned, that the Neo Cons could try something else. I just can’t shake the feeling that something politically motivated and terrible is going to happen.

Here’s some reference material I think some may find interesting.

If you get a chance check out this link: Project for the New American Century.pdf. Rebuilding Americas Defenses, their goals would never have been realized absent some catastrophic catalyzing event -like a new Pearl Harbor.” (Page 63,), of course, shortly after this Neo Con document was published Bush\Cheney was elected and we had 911. Check out the names at the bottom of this page from this Neo Con web site as well: Project for the New American Century Statement of Principles, you can’t miss Dick Cheney’s name there along with the other who’s, who of Neo Cons.

Updated Saturday February 23, 2008

Is Israel a Piece of the New World Order Puzzle?

It is easy to forget that the Jewish Nation annexed the land they are living on today from the Arab Nations after the Second World War. This happened almost a lifetime ago; most people have no real knowledge of this fact, and assume the Jewish Nation has always existed, which is not the case. Think of it this way, if you had a group of squatters take over part of your property, and you were told in know uncertain terms that there was nothing, you could do about it, and you would just have to live with it. I believe most people understandably, would be pretty angry, and would be willing to try just about anything to get control of their property back, and in a nutshell, this is the crux of the problem with the Palestinians, the Jewish squatters.

Now before I go any further, I will just say this, any form of terrorism is wrong, no matter which nation is supporting it, which includes the U.S. and Israel, no matter what religious doctrine is involved. Nine times out of ten God is evoked as a reason for destroying ones fellow man.

None of this is right or rational.

However, the Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad did make an interesting statement when he asks, why wasn’t the new Jewish State made in Europe after the Second World War? Most of the Jews were from Europe, so why where the Palestinians forced to take in the Jewish squatters?

To my knowledge that question has never been answered politically, only religiously, so what was the political motivation?

What was to be gained by creating the Jewish State in Palestine?

Was the decision to create the Jewish State in the Middle East a strategic maneuver, by those interested in creating a New World Order?

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Euros for oil and a clear and present danger

I am a little puzzled when it comes to Iraq.

There seems to be a real gray area when it comes to explaining the reasons why the US attacked Iraq. Before the US attacked Iraq, Saddam was planning to change his policy of selling Iraqi oil in US dollars, which is the worlds standard, to selling his oil for euros instead. The danger of an oil pact country, selling oil for euros, is, that it would affect the World Banks money reserves negatively, which is held in US dollars, and would also dramatically affect the US’s economy negatively as well.

From what I’ve been able to ascertain, this could have been tantamount to an act of war against the US. This is the one thing that seems to have been totally missed or ignored by the US media. One of the main reasons that Iraq was attacked was because Saddam had threatened to sell Iraqi oil for euros, and he had to be stopped.

I think it is also very possible that the US attack on Iraq, was also meant to send a clear message to the rest of the Oil Pact Nations as well, that there could be dire consequences for anyone selling oil for euros.

Iran earlier, started making noises about selling their oil for euros and look what has happened since with the increase in rhetoric between the US and Iran. What I have heard recently is that there is a consensus in Iran, to go ahead with their plan for selling their oil for euros. If that happens, I think that the US will probably attack Iran.

If Iran starts selling their oil for euros, Venezuela will probably follow suit, it is not public knowledge yet, but there has been an increase in the amount of rhetoric between Venezuela and the US on this subject. When Venezuela made some noises about selling their oil for euros, the US sent down a battle group of war ships and parked them off the coast of Venezuela as a clear warning to Hugo Chavez.

The nuclear chatter that we hear about in Iran right now has parallels to the way we were frightened with the WMDs in Iraq. I can’t help thinking that all you have to do is find a foreign leader’s Achilles heal, and exploit it. Saddam was not forth coming about WMDs because of his ego, not because he had any of them, so it became a matter of pride for Saddam to defy the US, which made it easy for the US to exploit this weakness.

Now it’s down to Iran’s right to have nuclear energy, this should be the rights of a free country with a democratically elected government, which Iran has, and is probably a matter of pride for its leader as well, and that is probably why the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad defies the US. However, this matter of pride could also be exploited as a weakness, just like with Saddam’s ego.

All the US government has to do is play it up with some false truths, to try and scare its US citizens and the rest of the world, get a couple of European countries on side or not, then go to war.

You can always apologize for the war later, and just say that the country you just invaded is better off.

If oil is sold for euros, I think there is a very real danger that the American dollar and economy would suffer a dramatic collapse, which could trigger a catastrophic collapse in the global economy as well.

I believe that this could be seen as a clear and present danger.

The real reason for war.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

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